Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plasma Morning and Road Rage

(written yesterday) Jak and I are going to give plasma right now. I'm still as stuffed as a pimento olive from my cold, plus I couldn't find my social security card so there's a possibility that I might not be able to give. Oh well. We're hoping we can make a good influence and I can squeak in. We're stuck in traffic, behind a bus right now. I remember all my mornings going to the Red Cross for my CNA classes, semi-gray mornings, like this one. I like gray mornings. But I'm not such a fan of traffic.

I've always wondered why people who would never flip out at someone if they were standing in front of them readily go ballistic at other drivers on the road. I'm one of those people. Emotions are so surface when I'm in the car. Maybe I feel more powerful and like people shouldn't be messing with me (comes from driving a fifteen passenger for too long). Maybe my naive view of the world is that everyone should be polite to each other.

The Almost song we're listening to seems rather applicable to road rage right now.

look at me, I'm all turned inside out
now I know what this is all about
you and me with the windows down
you and me oughta be killin this town

Yeah, it's an early morning. I think I know what this is about... God wants us to be so surrendered to him that we can believe that in traffic is right where he wants us and that he's teaching us to practice grace by forgiving that person who cut us off. Hopefully that person that Jak just cut off will forgive us...


Listening to The Almost - Hands

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