Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watch and Pray

So I had a freak-out moment yesterday - well, technically not freak-out, but a slow and steady irritation. I went shopping after eight hours of work. Never a good idea and yet I continue to do it. Everything moves in slow motion and I usually end up spending more money than I mean to.

I've been looking for a watch and I found a beautiful purple one. I went to Radio Shack to replace the battery and it didn't work. I was so mad. I had a broken watch and a battery that cost me 5.35. I tried to right my view of the world and tell myself that God never does anything without reason. I was still mad. I exchanged the watch that didn't work for a new one, with a black leather band and purple face with diamonds around it, but I couldn't get it open so I didn't know if the battery I'd bought would fit or even if the watch would work.

I tried to trust God - I prayed the whole way home. The battery did fit and the watch is perfect. I love it. Oh me of little faith...
I've felt a strange urge to chronicle every bit of my life. I obsessively took pictures today.
My favorite picture of Jak - it's old, about four hair changes ago - but I love it.
As the resident hairstylist, Jak gave everyone haircuts this morning. Hopefully they'll last five months until she gets back.
Anj was pleased to have his happy hair cut.
Stephie was pleased with his face.
Mum in her favorite place, surrounded by her books and journal, with coffee near at hand.
Esther working hard on her schoolwork.
I did Babs' hair! She liked it - I think it looks Victorian.
Too bad she didn't get to go out tonight to show it off. What a bummer. =(

Well folks, I'm off to prepare myself for an overnight at work. The question is - to eat or not to eat? I think it would be the latter, judging from my all night of prayer experience.


Listening to Britt Nicole - Believe


  1. She's cute - but I had no idea how old she was. Cause sometimes when I looked at her she looked about 5, but other times I thought she might have been 18...
    That's pretty in the middle of what I thought. :D