Thursday, January 7, 2010

Auntie Cupcake

Auntie Cupcake (Cherish in this post) and her family came over! There's her and Bax while we were driving to an international market thingie.
More of her family - Jeb and Awesomeness Sister.
The traffic was scary, but Josa was driving and he's a professional valet, so I felt safer.
At the market, I found a cute little change purse. Is this not adorable?
We found this ginormous bag and decided the only logical use was for concealing stolen paintings as they were smuggled out of the art building.
Auntie Cupcake bought a hat! She was drawn to it immediately as we entered the door, spent about ten minutes deciding on it and then wore it - on and off - the whole rest of the time. So cute!
Obligatory bathroom shot - and oh, I'd forgotten! I bought a scarf - I thought I didn't upload any pictures of it, but here it is! Haha, yay for purply-pink green-splashed scarves!
Now begins the shameless food spam. HAHA! Pastries! It looks like an exploded, uncooked monkey brain, but something tells me it would taste amazing.
Awesome swirly cookies, either peanut butter or sugar - unsure. but we didn't have either pastries or cookies. I'll tell you why...
FOOOOOOOD! Here's some pictures of the lavish spread my mum and bruvver made up. (Josa being the bruvver in this case.) The first course was olives and olive oil and...
...bessara and pita bread, yippee!
Bessara is similar to hummus but stronger tasting, made of fava beans. We put garlic, olive oil and a bit of parsley on top. Auntie Cupcake's family used to grow fava beans on their farm, but now they grow pigs. Well, not anymore. You know the swine flu was not caused by pigs, I hope.
The real star of the show was the fantastical lasagna - the trick to how delicious and amazing this lasagna is the plenty of real cheese and hot italian sausage that Josa adds - he's quite the chef.

All in all, it was super fun to hang out with Auntie Cupcake and her family. I went to a job interview/exploration right after lunch and we dropped them off at the airport just a bit ago so they could get through the two hour (!) security process. I promise that I'll post my book list sometime soon! I'm just rather obsessed with enormous picture posts right now.


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  1. awesome post! i like enormous picture posts. :)sounds like y'all had a grand time.