Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Introductions

I figured that you'd better meet some more of the members of Ruthiey's Shoe Collection. This boots are some of my favorites and also a winter staple. (I recently got a black pair of winter boots which you might meet later. )
I can also fold the top over to make fur trimming but I prefer it up.
I love the buckles! Do you love the buckles?
I'm sure this leather is not-leather, but I love its red-brown tinge just the same. We've become such good friends over the year or so they've stayed in the crack beside my bed. I thought about them a lot. Now comes the beautiful time in my life when I can wear them.

Ahhh. Just breathe it in with me and if you have a favorite pair of boots, go put them on.

Shout Out Time!
(I credit the shout out idea to Radio Disney, in Golden Valley, CA)
PHIL WICKAM! Seriously - Always Forever. Besides, he looks Asian.
Beth Moore! You wrote a super awesome study of Esther and I love your big hair, whatever anyone else says.
Yogurt! "So are you saying I should eat lots of yogurt?" "Can't hurt." ~Michael Weston
My awesome manager Deb. Again, seriously.
God and all his awesomeness, his greatness and his beautiful love towards me. You make me want to be brave, Father! I love you!



  1. Your boots are gorgeous and way cooler than mine. :) the buckles are awesome.

  2. They're cute. (= Can we see a picture of them fur-turned-down?

  3. I love them! *needs a pair* And yes, the buckles are cute! :D