Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have some new shoes. They're very favored right now. Black Cherokee flats.
Sunlight gives me angel-skin.
I love the cut-outs - sorry for the blur.
Another cool thing about them is their triangular cut.
This woman is a creeper. I decided to post a picture.

Sometimes I wish I had an outfit of invisibility - where I wouldn't have to look good, but I wouldn't look bad either. Just completely, utterly neutral.

Unfortunately, that defies the laws of fashion.

Still, what I wouldn't give...

R <3


  1. That woman reminds me of the Joker. Not the movie Joker, but the cartoonish Joker. With the uber-wide creepy smile... Disturbing.

  2. That woman looks more like a man in a tacky wig and earrings. 0.o But yeah, creeper.