Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have been called honey, baby, sweetie and darling by four separate people in the past two days after ten or less minutes of interaction with them. Maybe it's thanks to all the sugar I eat? Or maybe the Smile and Say Hi policy at Kohls that's become part of my life? I have no idea. How do you feel when endearments are thrown around? I'm not sure how to feel.

In further news, I found a bracelet that completes my collection! For those of you who haven't been following my bracelet blog (just kidding, don't have one), here's pictures. It all started with that picture on the sidebar of silver bracelets - I wanted a collection similar to that one. My watch came first from one of my favorite thrift stores, then my magnetic bracelet and now my cuff bracelet. Instead of silver, they all turned out to be gold/silver theme. AND I'M SO EXCITED! Here. Pictures.

Left wrist with watch and magnetic bracelet. (The watch retails at 45.00 and the bracelet at 50.00 and I got the watch for 7.00 and the bracelet for 2.00.)

A better view of my magnetic bracelet.
Right wrist with my newest baby. I have no idea what it retails at, but it's the first clasp bracelet that I've found that has a good quality hinge. LOVE it.

I've been reading the gospels lately and I wanted to share some of the glory. In Matthew 14 I love how even as Jesus is grieving over the death of his cousin and fellow minister John, he has compassion on the crowds and ministers to them. He, as a man, probably felt so drained and unable to give but he relied on his Father. If God calls us to minister and give, even when we feel like we can't, he has the strength to work through us.

Be encouraged. God calls us to be strong in the strength he gives.



  1. And our Father has promised he won't test us past where we can hold out.
    There's a co-worker of mine who calls everyone 'dear' without exception. It's amusing to see the looks on peoples' faces, especially guys.

  2. That's a great image of Christ! It's incredible the love He has for us:D

    Now about the endearments... I too for some reason get my fair share from random people, though mostly mom aged women and usually during work as well, or sometimes if I'm just out and about. I think it entirely depends on who it's given by honestly. Personally I think it's nice, even though they most likely say such kindness to almost everyone they come by, it's still pleasant to have a term of "affection" served rather than one of anger;)
    Also I think it mostly would depend on the age of the person. It gets touchy when the person happens to be of opposite sex and near your same age, especially if you know them but aren't great friends with them (speaking from personal experience:P), it can seem cheap and maybe inappropriate. But some terms from people you know really well are a completely different thing. I prefer to reserve such to be received from only the best of friends, or total strangers (of older age), to be perfectly honest
    To summarize my lengthy reply: depends on age, gender relative to you, relationship, and term used by all these, but in general I appreciate the sentiment. :) I don't know if there is a right or wrong answer, this is just my angle.
    (maybe I should have just written a post on my blog to word my reply? ;)