Friday, August 7, 2009

I am Green Converse All-Stars

Took a Quiz.
Unique and creative, the phrase 'marching to the beat of a different drummer' fully applies to you. You don't always follow the most conventional path, and you've been described as unorthodox more than once in your life. Still, while you have your critics and naysayers, those who truly stand back and observe can't help admiring your creativity. It's not always in art: in everything you do you add a creative flair, often going the long route to add an extra flash to your work. You're the Manu Ginobili(???), and while you add an extra flair, you don't do it to call attention to yourself - you do it for the sheer skill and art you see in adding your own special touch.
In other news, I got a postcard! From Gibsons, BC, sent on July 30th. Brilliant.

I'm at Rosanne's and it's awesome. It's super hot here in BC, but last night we went swimming in the ocean. Jumped off a 15-foot rock into the water - hurling yourself off into space and falling takes a bit of nerve. =) You'd love it, I think.
Wish you were coming with us to worldviews. Rosanne does too. We'll tell you all about it.

Love you, Bialy <3

Okay, I miss you already! Would you hurry up and come home? Every time I think about you, I pray that you're having a good time, learning lots and becoming more of the person God wants you to be. And I know you are, because our God is a mighty God.

IRMuffin <3


  1. We're back now. Best week of my life. I wish you were here so we could talk about it. Come on chat sometime soon, k?

  2. HuRRAH, Converse. 0=) I've got black hightops that are, sadly, a bit too big for me (I thought I was getting men's 7 1/2, but it was actually 8 1/2 ^_^), but they rock. They go well with my wacky awesomesocks. XD I need to make myself a black skirt to wear with them. Or something...