Friday, August 28, 2009

Hold Onto Beautiful Things

Some special memories from vacation - pictures to come later.

The first breakfast I had at Oma's was oatmeal with her fantastic grainy brown sugar melting over it, a dab of butter tucked away somewhere in the left-hand corner and fresh saskatoons falling all along the sides like delicious blue lava. I just stopped, feeling nostalgic and sooo blessed. God is unthinkably good.

A couple mornings I went out for a walk or run. Freezing cold arms, listening to Bebo Norman on my ipod and just feeling all the colors - fading blue, a light purple and a warm pink - wash all over me. Glorious. One evening, when Mum and I were walking, we stopped and watched the fiery sun disappear completely in five minutes. It was unreal.

There was a running joke throughout the week about three of the girls there having leukemia - Cherish, Jocelyn and Anna. Anna didn't like the jokes. I think it's because she's studying to be a nurse and is thinking about actually having to deal with people (or kids) who are dying in the future.

Bialy and I hung out for a bit. I wish it could've been longer than just two nights sleeping over and leaving the next morning, but I'm thankful for being able to see her in real life. Seeing someone's smile for real, when you've only chatted with them and imagined their smile for a two years is really refreshing. Bialy is just refreshing. The last night I was there, we went out and watched the stars. You haven't fully experienced "star-gazing" unless you go out in the country. We sat down in a ditch and I was worried about mice for a bit, but the stars were just breath-taking.

We played Stratego Capture the Flag and had a potluck thingie at one of our good friend's houses. I got into some odd discussion and joined some strange clubs that night. Two that come to mind was the theological validity of Australia and the club of Auntie Icecream and Uncle Chocolate. I also remember the extra-strong peppermint tea coffee brew I had and the debilitating stomachache it gave me. I think I have Bialy to blame for that. >.< "You're a fat, innocent, not-innocent, chubby water tower!" "I've been surviving and having fun at the same time." Quotes from Anj*. All in all, it was a beautiful time. Ciao all. I'll be back later to post the relevant pictures. Don't let me forget. R<3>


  1. Why does oatmeal always sound amazing when people describe it? Or, like in books and stuff... If oatmeal was really like that, I'd like it. (Someday I am going to learn how to make really, really good oatmeal. And not leave any leftovers... Leftover oatmeal, I think, has no chance of being as good as it was the first time. Sad stuff.)

    I'm glad you're back! And I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. =) Even if they sometimes (usually? ^_^) are stressful, they still can be so enjoyable. (Although mine usually consist of only family--not visiting any family--or visiting online friends.)

  2. Gotta say...I agree with Anna. You might think I'm being too serious-but it really isn't funny. We had a small scare of Josh having skin cancer-he doesn't, thankfully. But-yeah. I don't think it's funny.

    The rest of the vacation sounded like tons of fun! Although I agree with the above poster on oatmeal-it always sounds good, but when you actually get down to putting it into your mouth...:-/

    Stargazing is amazing. I got to do that beside a lake a few nights ago. Really awe-inspiring.

  3. I agree with Anna too. Too many people die young to make jokes about more people getting sick.
    Love the description of your walks. :) how early was that?
    Sorry about the peppermint coffee. You didn't *have* to drink it. I would've just poured it away.
    Pictures will be lovely. thanks for posting.