Monday, July 27, 2009

Quotes from Our Missions Trip

Q: So why are we here?
A: (Geoffrey)" I like it here and I didn't really have a choice."

"I don't scream; I yell."- Geoffrey

"Did I have a facial expression?"- Lindsey

"If there was a fly on the wall, it would think we're pretty."-Anna

"I smile; you just can't see it."-Geoffrey

"Pepper will make you thin."- Lindsey


"Biki !!!!!"- James

"Then we'll shower in the van."-Miss Corrie

"In the belly of the great big fish."-Miss Corrie


"Count off!"- Mr. Ayers

"SIX"-Miss Corrie

"However I die, I want to die with my mouth closed."-Lindsey


"Like a fish"-all

"Brother Corrie"- Pastor Rawls

"What seems right ain't always right"

"If I perish,I perish."- from Esther-borrowed by Lindsey

"Somebody?Anybody?A'ight!"-Ms. Ke

"You don't just have a cheesy smile.You're cheesy everything."-Geoffrey to James

"Belle: Is that like the 'dong-dong'?"-Josh

"Tanks" aka thanks-all


"No worries.Just friends."-James

"We're all destined for heaven,and in heaven there's no second-hand smoke."-Ruthiey

"Are you making eyebrows at me?"- Ruthiey

"What kind of bomb is it? The explosive kind!"- Dean

"Kidney-all 365!"-girls

"So we're like friends now right?"- Ruthiey


  1. Haha, I like! I might be betraying my woeful ignorance of what goes on in your life, but what mission trip was this? Katrina went to Mexico last year for two weeks, and came back armed to the teeth with stories and pictures.

  2. You make me laugh. Thanks.
    I love 'Are you making eyebrows at me?'
    and it would most definitely be more dignified to die with one's mouth closed.