Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Texts From A Shopping Trip

Lacking Jak on my recent shopping endeavour, I began to text her.

"Do you think cravats are only for men?"
"Yes, 'cause dresses are only for GIRLS."

"What do you think about fushia-colored sweaters? How do they make you feel?" "Uh, not too good. You?"

"Sparkly gold minidress?" "No."

"Ooh, sparkly tight pants!" "Yay! What size?" "2." "Hmm, no nvm."

"If I were a 14, I'd fit into so many more of these pants." _no reply_

"Note to self(sent to PJ): buy no more pants that are attracted to cat hairs."

"It's the Eddie Bauer vashon fit!" "Dear, dear! Whata ta do?"

"Clown pants with pleats?" "No, prob not."

"Pink and purple ruffled buttondown?" "Sure."

I would like to officially thank my very charming and talented and attractive older sister for bearing with me as I try to get over my texting frenzy. Also props to PJ, who cheerfully helps out as well.


  1. aw. i wish i could've gone with you. :P

  2. Yay! *squish* I'd totally text you if I had a phone. ^_^ I'm at Grandma's and Grandpa's on the new MacBook that Grandpa got for Grandma to use. It rocks, man. O_o

  3. Hehehehe! That brought a smile! :D