Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleeping In

I've been really tired lately. I've probably slept more than I've been awake these past two days and I'm still somewhat tired. I can't pinpoint why. Either I'm headed into a growing spurt or I'm not properly digesting the stresses of my life.

The picture is from a stop motion video short called Her Morning Elegance about an early morning dream a girl has. I liked it.

Peace be with you, 'cause Jesus gave us his peace. You can pray for me 'cause I'm working tonight.

R <3


  1. If you're also unusually clumsy and/or hungry, it might be a growth spurt. :) i know from experience, though I've thankfully stopped growing taller.

  2. You're in my prayers, dear!
    Don't feel guilty about resting if you need it. We all go through times like that.

  3. Oh man, Ruth, you just made me feel SOOO much bettter.
    All I do practically now adays is lie aournd and sleep and be tired. I guess I"m not alone. :P
    and so I do school really late into the night.

    I keep reminding myself of the proverb that says "A little folding of the hands, a little sleep, a little slumber - so shall poverty come on that man like an armed man"

    I"m praying for you, Ruthiey!