Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's The Smoke That Makes The Salmon Strong

I'm waiting for my coffee to cool. I haven't had a decent coffee in so long, just 'cause I haven't wanted one. It's a lowfat decaf vanilla latte and yes all the words in that title mean something important. I made it up when I got sick of paying 3.20 for a small at Dunn Bros. Just half a cup of skim (or low-fat, in this case) milk heated for a minute in the microwave, then add one spoonful of instant decaf coffee, two capfuls of vanilla extract and three spoonfuls of sugar, stir and fill up the cup the rest of the way with hot water. Super good. Super thrifty. ^_^

Well, by now my coffee is cold, because I got distracted reading fashion blogs. Ah, I hate the snobbery that some people give fashion. My friend Lucie is going to be going to school to be a fashion designer and I know right now that I will absolutely love her stuff. I hope she makes her own line. She has a great attitude of keeping it down-to-earth-but-imaginative and always for God's glory. That's my plug for her.

I hung out with all seniors this weekend. It was our trip away, to celebrate graduating. But as I told Amanda on our early morning canoe trip(freezing cold, btw)that the trip was weird for me in ways, because technically I've graduated high school long ago and will be finishing college in a year or so, hopefully. So it didn't feel like a real celebration for me, just a hang out time. We went to Famous Dave's on the way back in. My first time eating there and I had a great time. I just love the seniors at Bethlehem. They're easy-going and just plain nice. I'm sad that most of them are moving away. No, don't leave me!
I had a salad that I was planning to tell you about - *ahem* - it was the smoked salmon caesar salad and I really like fish. I really, really like fish. Not as much as I like fashion blogs, but it comes in pretty close. The salmon was a perfect compliment to the salad and the amount of caesar dressing they gave me was ridiculous. Sincerely ridiculous. I used about 9/87ths of all they gave me.

Another thing I wanted to tell you. I absolutely love wearing pink. Mary has completely convinced me. I'm a Summer and will now accept it joyfully. ...(read the book Color Me Beautiful or google it, if you're confused. I don't have time to explain it all now. Actually, maybe I do. Man, I wish someone would come on chat and distract me. The length of this blog post is beginning to disturb me.) Well, the main idea is that everyone has a different coloring and each coloring is assigned a season and certain colors look better on some seasons.

Oh and note on last post; the pictures are not precise. They're merely the closest I could find.

Yeah. So. Any exciting news? Well, not really. I'm waiting for Bre from work to call me. She's amazing. ^_^ I love my coworkers. I'm excited to possibly be going to Mary's cabin next weekend. I'm thinking about thinking about studying my sunday school curiculum for tomorrow morning and I have to pick out an outfit. I've been into comfort lately. I should go shopping... My little sister makes the best cinnamon rolls. Oh. I could eat an entire panful. They're huge and soft and mildly sweet with this amazing butter sugar cinnamon glaze. The thought gives me shivers. The sad thing is she only made a single recipe. That will not last long around our house.

I pray God will bless your week, whether you're doing finals, preparing for open houses, working or just chillin'.

R <3333

ps. Eat Soup
pps. I've decided the pinky hold is the cutest form of affection.


  1. oh Ruth. This post makes me happy. I like long posts so it was amazing. I like the fact that you like wearing pink now. Pink is an amazing color. I like pink too. You make me smile! love you!

  2. i dont.. i... yeah.

    thaks, ruth.

  3. i agree. with the pinky hold thing.

  4. ahhh! i is intimidated by large posts!