Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bought Stuff Today

Beautiful Sarai and I went garage-sale shopping this afternoon and... she didn't get anything. What's that about? However, my truckload of treasures included;

1) a pair of black shoes
2) a pair of brown shoes with SQUARE toes. oddness, you say. indeed, but uber-squishy, plus purple flowers embroidered on those self-same toes.
3) a shirt, pink, vintage, random, everything I could ever want in a shirt (besides the long sleeves)
4) a scarf - pink and white, gauzy and I think I just love it
5) another scarf - purple and green and just about as floaty as the other
6) earrings which absolutely delight my heart, they're just about twice as long as my hair! green, gold and brown beads, super light!

There's one unfortunate thing about myself that I'm becoming quite anxious about lately. I'm quite the one to buy shoes that I don't like or don't fit. It's most distressing... I don't like the black pair I got today or a weird glammed-up sandal I got the day before. Maybe it's a sign that I should stop shoe-shopping. Oh tragic day. I think I'll go cry a bit in my tuna as I prepare my supper...


  1. Wow, that stuff sounds gorgeous!! O_o I'm jealous, man!

    Well, I dunno. Maybe a sabbatical would help. =/ Or maybe try to force yourself to stop and think, do I really like these shoes?

  2. when you has money, you should saves it for shoes you really really wants. :)
    Do tuna-fish live in salt water? Because then you would be returning them to their natural habitat. Only I guess tuna in a can is well and truly dead and processed so it couldn't care less.

  3. are you saying that my tears of self-pity and confusion might actually be an act of compassion? Oh, you bless my heart.

    and yes, this little cat is determined to be frugal member of feline society from now on. Any moneys I find, goes straight to the bank.