Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bebo Norman

Bebo Norman is an artist who actually embodies the entire word. He's tremendously gifted musically and his lyrics are vulnerable. He shares his heart (which is something I still struggle to do) and his honest crying to God has consistently challenged me to be more direct with God.

I love his heart. Seriously, this guy has a beautiful heart for God and I find that indescribably attractive. I pray that my future husband will love God like Bebo does.

Update on Life
went out to Panera with Strawberry and Jak this morning.
get a break from job training. Next day of job training is Monday.
am currently listening to Bebo Norman (shoot me) and David Crowder Band.
currently chatting with Jessica.
am going to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
am planning to get my driver's license soon, or at least attempt the test.
want to go to Chicage to check out their thrift stores.
bought a black dress, green skirt, orange shirt, purple tights, trouser socks and a pair of sensible shoes lately.
appreciate everyone who reads my blog and loves comments.



  1. Sounds Awesome! it brings me joy when ppl enjoy Life through Christ.

    you are a inspiration to us all :)

  2. *goes upstairs to find bebo norman cd*

  3. whichever one we have. im still looking for it.

  4. panera was totally amazing...and did you buy stuff after I left? you're crazy.