Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Thing I Had To Do

There. I did it. I'd been teasing myself about it for months. I had to prove that I could cut my hair and not hate myself.

I don't hate myself. I feel proud. More proud of the decision than the cut itself, although Jak did a great job.

Lucie Biros liked it, which I appreciated. I've always admired her hair. (She cuts it herself.)

Now, I just have to... dye it blue? Purple would go better with my wardrobe.


  1. It looks adorable! I love it!!

  2. i just had to let you know that i love it. i never doubted you could pull it off, and you can pull off any color.

    but purple would reflect your personality well.

  3. I'm still sad you can't pull it up, but I still like it. And I don't think you should dye it. I like it exactly the way it is.

  4. maybe you should do each ringlet a different color!

    It looks cute. (: It makes you look young, though.

  5. Defiantly red, red is amazing but hmm blue or purple or maybe half blue half purple, or maybe half white half black now that would look amazing oh with red highlights sweet

  6. half-black half-white and she would look like Cruella Deville. ^_^

  7. or exactly what you feel like. :)

  8. DUDE! If you dye it, we should totally dye 'em together!! Is Jak skilled with dying?

    Purple-d be cool. 'Cept I think two colors together is cooler than one. Blue and purple-d look cool.

    And, of course, rainbow TOTALLY ROCKS. ^_^

    Great job, btw. You inspire me. I'm so sick of my long hair that I want to hack it off asap. XD Jak'd better come fix it soon. Then I can look totally cool.