Friday, February 13, 2009

Types of Guys

I was thinking about why we gals like certain types of guys (i.e. Manly Men, Pretty Boys, Musician Types and Mysterious Men) and what that says about us. Also, what does it means when we don't have a certain type and just pick and choose between the types. Well, sorry. I don't have an answer. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Up above, though, are some guys I find attractive. Please, don't tease me about Jesse McCartney. ^_^


  1. Just for the record, I like the "Scruffy Viking Type". (=0

  2. Real comment. I think often girls tend to like guys who resemble their dad in some way.
    Is your dad like Jesse McCartney? (=0

  3. No...not at all and Jesse is probably farthest down on the list of these guys. =)

  4. Well, I have really, really, really strange taste in looks in guys... I mean, I tend toward older guys in movies. It's kinda creepy. ^_^ Maybe I'm more into manly men than the rest. *finds it fascinating to think about*

    And I think why I like Dr. Stephen is because he's like Gabriel. I kinda think I'll end up marrying someone kinda like Gabriel and Gabriel will end up marrying someone kinda like me. ...which will be very, very, VERY interesting. XD

  5. Most of those guys look like they need a haircut...

    Leslie Howard is just sooo much better as The Scarlet Pimpernel. =D

  6. LILLIAN! I'll just pretend I didn't hear that last comment... I'll warn you. You are treading on TREACHEROUS territory.

    And yes, I go for the scruffy musician types, for the most part. *g*