Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've discovered something about myself.

Anj: "Hey Ruth, I'm getting a new personality tomorrow."
Me: "Sweet! I hear Walgreens is having a sale."
Anj: "No, I'm getting this one off the black market."


I've discovered that I have multiple-personality disorderly tendancies, but instead of living them out, I've displaced them on to Jack (i.e. Sal, Emers, Hannah). I give her the multiple names, and even assign the different names different personalities. Jack is forthright, but servile. Emers has a calm disposition and a dramatic flair. Sal is fun-loving and gracious and Hannah is rather homeschooler-ish.

What fun!


  1. What does SHE think about that? Sweet picture. (=

  2. Jack loves Mr. Bruekheimer. ^_^ She Adores me, in fact.

  3. Wo! That is one FREAKY COOL PIC. Nice post, btw. I think the multi personalities for Han is pretty cool. XD